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Gator Performance Modifications This is the area to discuss John Deere Gator performance modifications, Gator Accessories, etc.

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Old 03-12-2012, 07:16 PM   #1
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550 Speed Boost

This new 550 looks like the machine I've been waiting for. It has everything that I need, at a VERY attractive price. I just have a problem with the 16HP, and 28MPH top end out of a 570cc V-Twin. I wouldn't need any more than 40mph, and that would be very rare. Is there any wiggle room in this V-Twin, or CVT setup that might be manipulated into a little more top end when needed? Any thoughts out there?
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Old 03-13-2012, 09:39 AM   #2
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I would imagine the top speed on these is regulated likle they are on the 825i's...by the computer...when my 825 hits 44 mph, the ignition cuts out to keep it from going over 44...if that's the case, then you are pretty much screwed...that is unless someone comes out with a controller to plug into the computer to alter the mapping like they do on motorcycles and cars and trucks...so far, there isn't one available for my 825i except for a controller from Magnum, which is sketchy at best...I wouldn't try one on my 825i and I don't know of anyone that has used one...

Maybe someone else will have some better info than what I am giving to you...those new Gators are nice looking and will fill the market need for a lower priced machine, but you sacrifice horsepower, torque, and speed...

If you do find something out, let us know....

Larry in MD
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Old 03-13-2012, 09:05 PM   #3
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If the horsepower output is only restricted by the CDI box, then there's hope. I have modified a few ATVs in my time, and there are a lot of aftermarket companies out there making customizable CDI boxes, and generic ones too. Jetting the Carbs, and letting the motor breathe seems to net huge results as well. 16hp seemed VERY conservative for a 570cc V-Twin to me. If this was a Honda engine, we would probably be looking at more like 35hp out of the same displacement.
I have been eyeing the Kawasaki Mule for a few years for the same reason that the Gator is so appealing now. However, after a lot of investigating I have found that the differentials are geared too low. Spinning the drive line up any faster would only net disaster in a short time. There is no speeding up the Mule without replacing the entire powertrain.
Does anybody know if there are any other restrictions in place other than the Governor built into the CDI on this Gator. I have seen models that have restrictors in the exhaust, and the intake. I have seen restrictor rings on the CVT to keep the speeds down. I have also seen various combinations of all of the restrictions.
I'm not looking for raw power here. I just don't want to be the annoying guy in the bunch if I decide to go riding with the Rhino boys one day. At 35Mph, I'll be brining up the rear. AT 28, I'll be the guy that they have to keep waiting for at the turn offs. If I could squeeze an extra 10mph out in short bursts then I'm in!
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Old 03-22-2012, 09:46 AM   #4
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It is possibly not governed by CDI. These things are not fuel injected so they are more than likely mechanically governed with rods and linkages possibly like the Kawasaki Mule 3010, or maybe even like lawnmower engines. It is not governed by speed, I can just about guarantee that it is governed by RPM.
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Old 04-01-2012, 05:55 PM   #5
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550 boost

I test drove the 825i last weekend and loved the way it drove and handled. However, I kept eyeing how much more legroom there appeared to be in the smaller 550. I was sold on getting a polaris ranger 500 efi because it is narrow enough to get in the back of the truck with great horsepower and speed for a 500 as well as EFI, but I really like the dependability from John Deere.

I wish they made the 550 with more horsepower, torque, speed and made it EFI to match up closer with the ranger 500 efi and I would already own one.

I am in a dilemma on which way to go from here.
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