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Pmedic4 11-07-2016 10:44 PM

Adding a Winch, other's doing aftermarket
See many photos with winches installed, and interested in this too.

First, on the John Deere configuration site it shows the WARN Pro-vantage winches, which I'm sure is a good winch, but compared to other comparative sized winches, they are very pricey. I'm not really planning on using the winch a great deal(who does right?), but even just changing to a WARN Vantage winch of comparable capacity from a different supplier is about 1/2 the cost!

So, the question is, on the John Deere configuration site, it shows a 'Winch Bumper Mounting Kit', for about $188. Do you need this mounting kit?

In the space where the winches are mounted, there are already mounting holes, do these work? Why do you need the kit? What else do you need to mount a winch to a 825i Gator?


hobbytime 11-08-2016 07:36 AM

I bought a bunch of the badland winches from harbor freight, they are no different than the many brands out there, they are all made in china, the 2500lb winches were a good price, just use a coupon for them and they have worked well, again not an everyday use, but got me unstuck many times, forget about paying for a winch mount, in less than an hour I welded up a mounting plate for the front of the gator, and if you want , you can make a winch mount to fit in the trailer mount , front or rear of the gator and just use long leads to clamp onto the battery so if you need the winch front or back you are set...$188.00 from deere for a mounting plate is robbery....

hmatthew8 11-08-2016 12:04 PM

You can find these all over the web for under $75.

Here is a link for a RSX front winch mount on amazon for $65 w/free shipping. This is the same mount sells. Its nearly identical to the OEM.

200mph 11-08-2016 12:34 PM

FYI... if you go with the Badlands winch from Harbor Freight, they also have a synthetic rope kit that is very economical.

I have a 2500 Badlands on my Gator and installed the same but with synthetic rope on my neighbor's boat trailer. It makes it much easier to load his boat (18' fishing with 65hp outboard). He uses his boat about 50x per year. For the way we use them it works ok and at under $60 on sale it is very economical.

sisupower 11-15-2016 07:11 AM

The link hmatthew8 posted is the exact mount that Deere sells. Is your gator winch ready? A far as the harness and all?

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marcust90 11-15-2016 08:28 AM

After reading the post and see that it's a 825i and not a RSX. John Deere Gator 825 Winch Mounting Plate : John Deere Gator : Winches is the winch plate you need and iv have installed one before not hard at all. I installed the superatv 3500 winch and winch plate. it was super easy and not problems at all. Remove hood and you can easily get to where you need to run wires. all bolt holes are already drilled in gator from factory. plus you can get a discount since superatv is a vendor.

hmatthew8 11-15-2016 09:05 AM

Marcus, thanks for making me feel stupid. lol I didn't even see the 825i note in there before.

Please disregard my post for the mount.

marcust90 11-16-2016 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by hmatthew8 (Post 46274)
Marcus, thanks for making me feel stupid. lol I didn't even see the 825i note in there before.

Please disregard my post for the mount.

LOL anytime jk jk i was looking up part numbers and double checking my aftermarket vendors i go through then i reread the post and saw at the end he said a 825i. I almost had the stuff up for a rsx.

Pmedic4 12-31-2016 09:39 PM

Update - Purchased the John Deere 825 mounting plate
Thanks for the comments. I was looking at the information, and noted the mounting plate from SuperATV didn't include any of the wiring harnesses, figured I could also purchase those aftermarket.

After looking, the cost for what it included was less, yet had questions about getting what I needed. In the end, JD had a sale on the 825 mount kit, so I've order it. Now, probably going to the Harbor Freight winch.

Again, Thanks for the background.

Woodiedux 01-01-2017 07:01 AM

You are correct Hobbytime. I welded a 2500 lbs Harbor Freight winch onto a foot long piece of 2 inch square tubing and can now mount the winch on the front or rear of my Gator 590i, using the 2 inch square hitch receivers I have there. Total cost around $75.00
It works great.

Pmedic4 02-02-2017 07:13 PM

OK, Finally pulled the trigger on buying an Aftermarket hitch
As you can see, several months ago, I asked the question about buying an after market Winch for my 825i Gator. What I did was:

Bought the John Deere Winch mounting kit. Yes it was expensive, about $150 after a year end sale pricing for buying the mounting plate and wiring harness, but I'm glad I did. The wiring harness moves many of the connections to the front of the machine, and has a dedicated cable, which is nice and neat.

For a winch, I bought the Harbor Freight 'Badlands 3500 ATV' winch. It has many of the wiring components needed, such as the longer battery connections leads, and most importantly the Contacter for powering the winch. I didn't use many of the wiring components, except for the contactor and remote switch connector, since I got the JD kit wiring components.

Overall, it was very a positive experience. The physical winch installation is fairly easy, with the exception of placement of the nuts and bolts, whew! One item the John Deere kit includes is an extra bar, which goes at the back of the bumper winch mount location. Without it, your Badlands winch would likely not be mounted with nothing more than just 2 bolts, since the standard mount doesn't have enough room for all 4 bolts in the winch plate. I mention it's difficult, since there is very little room for you to get your hands to manage all the bolts. Even removing the front skid plate doesn't give you much room to fit the bolt and start the nuts. You can, it just takes some effort to get the bolts through the holes and the nuts in place, with no room for a ratchet and socket, it's all wrenches and, hundreds of little wrench placements. It will just take some time.

Electrical, you'll need to install the contactor, which is the electrical relay, that is initiated by the remote control. The Badlands winch comes with 2 switches, a wired button you can mount on your dash, and also a wired remote plug, which allows you to operate the winch from outside the Gator with a remote handheld switch. My choice was not to install the mounted switch, only the remote plug. There are some questions regarding these switches, as the John Deere kit assumes you use the JD Warn winch, which I assume the wiring cable includes connectors for those remotes - there clearly are differences for the wiring, but it isn't difficult to figure out the connections you need. As I said, I only used the remote connector, and it uses a 12 volt connector, and I had no issues figuring out the power requirement, and the contactor relay connection. The only issue is I wish I had the same type of connectors for attaching them, but ended up just using spade connectors for the those points. I'm sure I could buy those connectors somewhere, just didn't seem worth the trouble.

When I get the Gator out, I post some pictures!

Hugh 06-07-2017 07:49 PM

I have a JD 590i S-4. I previously had a 550 S-4. I did buy the JD Winch mount since I looked at others and thought the JD would be best for my application. The JD mount has tie down rings made into the mount which I use for securing my 590 on my trailer. I agree it is over-priced but it does securely mount to the frame. I did have the dealer swap it from the 550 to the 590 since the mount does take a little time to mount.

I am still trying to get my winch mounting worked out. My 590i is factory pre-wired for a winch. I got a Warn Remote control switch that does plug into the receptacle in the glove box. I have not been able to find out what I need to do to connect the wires somewhere in the battery compartment. I also have tried to find the plug that will plug in to the factory plug on the front of the Gator I have talked with a couple of JD folks and they all seem clueless as to what I need to do now.

I will be using a Harbor Freight 3,500 Badlands but would love to use the factory wiring and this remote I purchased. Always open for suggestions.

virginiabri 01-22-2019 08:33 PM

do you have the part number for the wiring harness and mounting kit for the 825i? I have a 2011 and want to install the same winch that you have.

200mph 01-23-2019 07:49 AM


Originally Posted by virginiabri (Post 89499)
do you have the part number for the wiring harness and mounting kit for the 825i? I have a 2011 and want to install the same winch that you have.

Please realize you're responding to a 1.5 year old post and some of these members haven't participated to the forum in some time. You might get more responses by starting a new thread.

Also suggest you be specific to add clarity on what your question is.
Example: "...want to install the same winch that you have" could be I'm planing on installing a Bad Lands 3500 winch...

Just trying to help, so you get a good quality answer.

Perhaps you can write up a nice winch install with a few pictures to help others.

Good luck!

marcust90 01-24-2019 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by virginiabri (Post 89499)
do you have the part number for the wiring harness and mounting kit for the 825i? I have a 2011 and want to install the same winch that you have.

The which mount and wiring harness are you referring too? With the older 825i they didnt come pre-wired for winches and really all you need to do is run some wires that come with the winch. Last Winch i put on a gator was a @SuperATV 3500 lb along with their mounting plate. It was super easy to install and the instructions are plain as day. Plus it was a one stop shop.

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