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  1. Gator Parts and Products For Sale
    I'm in search of a John Deere Basic Control Unit. I can't afford to give the 600 something I found prices them for. Hoping someone here can help me out or point me a good direction P/N MIU13131
  2. Introductions, Please no questions in this area.
    Purchased the unit as my first. It was a used unit from a local township. The exhaust is loud and leaking, other than that the unit is in great condition for the age. I have been trying to find a replacement, but have not had any luck with the exception of the OE, which is no fun. Anyone know of...
  3. Gator Roll Cages, Seats and Belts
    New Gator owner, picked up a 2008 620i. I am looking to outfit this with a windshield, roof and back panel. Some of the non-JD stuff says that it will work on the 625i, but does not mention the older 620i models. Just by looks, the ROPS/roll cage looks identical between the two. Is this...
  4. Gator General Discussion
    I searched this forum for the answer but couldn't find. I was attempting my first oil change on my new Gator 625i and followed the manual. It described and showed a photo of the location of the plug, passenger side, front near corner of engine. I removed that bolt, and thought it was awfully...
1-4 of 4 Results