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6x4 gator

  1. New Member - Columbus Ohio

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, new to the forum, gator ownership and the doing work in general myself. Former city slicker that is preparing to live a more "self-sufficient" style of life. Acquired my first tools: riding mower, generator, etc...including a 6x4 diesel 1996 gator. I'll be using this forum to learn...
  2. 6x4 Diesel Gator, HPX 4x4 Diesel Gator

    Gator General Discussion
    Hello All I would for Texas parks and wildlife and we have 2 gators with different problems maybe i could get some help on this we have one that wont start it is a 2011 hpx 4x4 gator with a diesel engine we have installed a new starter, relay module, all the fuses, and im stuck we don't know...
  3. M-Gator A1 6x4 Diesel Top speed issues

    Gator General Discussion
    I have a late 90's m-gator with the 3 cyl Yanmar diesel engine. My issue is that the top out speed of this machine is currently 7-10 mph. I cannot figure out where my issue is. I also have a newer mid 2000's M-Gator A1 and its top out speed is 25-30 so I know that i have an issue with the older...