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  1. 825i new transmission now won't go more than 3mph!!!

    Gator General Discussion
    So bought new transmission, took out old one, installed new one. It starts and runs but doesn't go over 3mph!! Does anyone have any clue how to fix this or what the problem is now?? Please help. We need it for snow plowing! Has the tracks on not tires
  2. 825i Transmiion

    Gator General Discussion
    I have a 2014825i. It is pretty much perfect, except for the transmission. It will slip/buck/jerk/tear itself up, every once in a while. I can usually stop and take it out of gear and then back in. That tends to help. However, it scares my wife. Any suggestions? The dealer has no idea how...
  3. 825i and RSX 860i on Dirt Trax this season

    Gator Videos & Pictures
    Hi All, Had the opportunity again this season along with a group of dealers here in Ontario and some folks at Deere to work with the Dirt Trax crew to get some more exposure on Gators. Team at Deere was able to get an early-release 860i to them, that they're going to provide a product...
  4. Gator 825i Starting Issues

    Gator General Discussion
    2013 Gator 825I Starting troubles: Of recent, starts when cold or having sat overnight. Once it has warmed up, does not start. Acts just like it is in gear, nothing happens. It is neutral and the neutral circuit is fine. So when it does not start, nothing is happening in the starter circuit...
  5. New 825i owner with question.

    Gator General Discussion
    Hello everyone. I just took delivery of my new 825i. I wanted to ask everyone about the transmission. Is it normal to experience a slight clunk sound when applying gas to move forward. It is almost like it is taking up a bit of space on the driveline before the clutch or whatever engages and...
  6. Gators on Dirt Trax TV

    Gator Videos & Pictures
    Hi All, Had the chance to work with Dirt Trax TV this past season with a group of Deere dealers here in Ontario and the Canadian branch to get some TV exposure for the Gator line-up. Thought I'd take a minute to post links to them if anyone was interested. Here is a link to the RSX feature...
  7. 825i HELP ! How can I remove the starter?

    Gator General Discussion
    My starter has a squeal when spinning down. I have removed the outer CVT housing cover, gained access to the two starter bolts and removed them, and cannot see how the starter is going to come up out of the cavity it is in. I can barely get my hand down in there. It is between the engine and...
  8. New 825i Front headlights do not work

    Gator Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    I have a new 825i. It is pretty much perfect, except for the headlights will not work. It is under warranty. However, the dealer is a bit of drive. The rear tail lights work. Any suggestions. Thank you in advance /s/ Tom Milam, Jr [email protected] (405) 850-2316 Love the gator...