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  1. Gator 825/835
    Hello everyone. New member here. I am at my witts end with my gator. I have a 2023 835R. Got it middle of Feb 2023. We have used it pretty much everyday all day up until recently. We are calving so it gets worked pretty good in the mud this time of year. Last week, we had to replace the...
  2. New Member Introductions
    I have a 2018 835 R Gator with 190 hours. Overnight it started running rough and stalling out when driving. Starts fine and runs great when revved in neutral. Any ideas on what this could be?
  3. Gator General Discussion
    I am wanting to add a spreader to my 835R Gator that I can use for salt in the winter and fertilizer in the Summer. JD makes two different ones one for salt and one for Fert. What truly is the difference I really don't want to buy two different units that basically do the same thing.
  4. Gator General Discussion
    I purchased an 835R to push snow. I am now researching the options for blades. One of my local dealers is recommending the BOSS 72" blade and my other is recommending the JD 72" blade. I am trying to figure out which is the best for the $$.
1-4 of 4 Results