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  1. Gator Suspension Modifications
    I am wanting to lift my gator 2 inches but I don't like the lift kits I'm finding that mount on the shocks. Does anyone make the shock tower lifts for these units? I am also wanting to put some larger tires on. I currently have 26x8 on the front and 26x10 on the rear tires on 4 lug rims. I...
  2. Gator RSX850i/RSX860i
    Like an idiot I know. I sank my RSX. I've drained everything and changed all fluids. I runs fine once going just won't idle if it goes below 850 rpms it dies. I've changed o2 sensors injectors cause it smells like it's running rich. I've also dried and dielectric greased most of the wiring...
  3. Gator Parts and Products For Sale
    These are the parts that I have left from a complete 850I John deere gator engine. Starter ($100 shipped) Starter gears ($20 shipped) flywheel with starter clutch ($200 shipped) cylinders (surface rust, need bore/hone) ($100 each shipped) heads with valve covers ($200 each shipped)...
1-3 of 3 Results