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  1. 2013 RSX 850i for sale.

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    I have a 2013 RSX 850i Trail Edition for sale. This bike has 75 hours on it and has been kept in my carport when not in use. It has a full glass windshield with a wiper, a poly roof, warn winch, brush guard, rear bumper, power steering and a custom LED light bar mount with a 12" flood/spot light...
  2. clunking noise help me out

    Gator RSX850i
    Hi i just bought a used rsx 850i trail with 150hrs on it and the problem existed when i bought it so i got a good deal.only in high gear when going really slow it seems to have a clunking noise while rolling, but as soon as you increase speed it goes away. Almost sounds as if the driveshaft is...
  3. **FS: 2012 JD Gator RSX850i Sport**

    Gators For Sale
    **FS: 2012 JD Gator RSX850i Sport - SOLD** Up for sale is gently used RSX850i Sport, originally purchased in late 2012. This has been used by the previous owner on a horse farm, and by me on a hunting lease. It has never been driven hard and is in great condition. First, the bad: The...
  4. HELP! 2014 850i Black SE too tall for trailer?!

    Gator RSX850i
    I was about to purchase a 2014 850i Midnight Black special edition but my trailer entry is only 71" and I think with a roof the height on the 850i will be close to 75". Inside the trailer is taller so just need to get the 850i through up the ramp and through the door somehow. I'm wondering...