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  1. Gator 850d/855d/865d
    I took our John Deere gator 855M out in the snow the other day and got it quite covered. The day after i couldn't get it started at all and was clicking in the battery area as well as the front bonnet area. However it wasn't completly dead as sometimes it would fire up. I'm just looking for...
  2. Gator 850d/855d/865d
    Hi all, I recently picked up a 2011 855d. It runs good except for a dull grinding/groaning noise in the rear end when accelerating. No noise once it’s up to speed. I’ve tried to pinpoint the noise without success. This is my first machine like this. Is that noise normal?
  3. Gator Wheel and Tire Discussion
    Just ordered some new Yellow Alloy Rims for my 2012 JD 855D Diesel UTV. I purchased my 855D used and it came with the regular plain jane steel wheels (AM143512 for Rear) and had turf tires that easily got stuck in any decent amount of wet mud. Original tires w/o upgrade options are 25x11-12...
  4. Projects and How-To
    Have a 2014 855d s4 with a seized engine . Wondering what my option are rather than a long block from deere for 7000.00 ??
  5. Gator General Discussion
    Hi folks Got an 855d with electronic display. How do I reset the trip meter? Anyone got a link to instructions or video? (I found nothing relavant on a GFoogle search) Many thanks Trevor
  6. Gator Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    I just purchased an 855D. It has both a polyroof and a windshield. I would like to install an OPT-7 32" light bar, but I am puzzled about how or where this thing would actually mount. I want it up top so that tall grass doesn't block the light when I am checking cows at night. Does anyone...
1-6 of 6 Results