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belt replacement

  1. Belt drive to change (RSX850)

    Gator RSX850i
    I am new to the forum and glad to see it exist! I suspect that on my last ride I blew up my belt drive. It made the same sound as with my sled when it does happen and my RSX went neutral. Now on my sled I can quickly replace it and easy to locate. Any one could help me with my three...
  2. RSX 850i CVT belt replacement - DIY guide??

    Gator RSX850i
    Hey everyone, New to the forum here. I have a 2013 RSX 850i Sport edition here in New Glasgow, NS, Canada. Bike has about 900 miles on it and the first CVT belt went on it. Never changed one on a side by side before, I am wondering if anybody has a good link to a DIY video or post for belt...