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  1. Gator RSX850i/RSX860i
    Hey guys, Just wanted to do a post for the RSX charging system problems we were having with the 850i. The parts list you will need: 57M7121 - 10A fuse 57M7125 - 5A Fuse 57M7237 - 40A Fuse (x2) 57M8828 - Fuse holder T126788 - Terminal (x8) Here is the video explaining where the problem is...
  2. Introduce yourself. NO QUESTIONS IN THIS AREA.
    Hi, I am helping my son with an older 1996 Gator Gas 6X4 We are simply trying to resurrect this old gal - and make it safe to use around the "gentleman's" farm in Northern Virginia. This old beast has three electrical issues: 1.) someone has fiddled with the coolant temp switch that controls...
1-2 of 2 Results