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  1. Gator Clutch and CVT Belt
    Hey, we have a john deere T-520 Gator 4x4 diesel, I cant find a primary cultch for it. when I ask dealerships they say that the T520 is not a gator. thanks
  2. Gator Clutch and CVT Belt
    Howdy-- I've got a '03 Gator 6x4 (gas, liquid cooled) in the shop that is missing some of the clutch buttons on the transaxle driven clutch. I'm trying to figure out which clutch button set to order. The two sets are broken down by the part number of the clutch you're supposed to use them on...
  3. Gator General Discussion
    I bought my first Gator yesterday. A 2009 JD 640i. Only 455 hours. My first runs with it have been smooth. This afternoon, I started down a hill and I quickly noticed that the Gator does not have engine braking. So I applied some braking, but still the transmission was over speeding. I...
  4. Gator Parts and Products For Sale
    XUV Clutch for sale AM137896 621i USED OFF KAWASAKI ENGINE $275.00
  5. Gator General Discussion
    I have a 2014825i. It is pretty much perfect, except for the transmission. It will slip/buck/jerk/tear itself up, every once in a while. I can usually stop and take it out of gear and then back in. That tends to help. However, it scares my wife. Any suggestions? The dealer has no idea how...
  6. Gator General Discussion
    Hello, I am working on our Gator 620i. The gator has a centrifugal force clutch which has too much of a delay when you step on the accelerator peddle. So the RPMs are too high, and grabs with a jolt. Is there a way to adjust when the clutch grabs? Do you have to take the clutch out to do so? Has...
  7. Projects and How-To
    Hello all, I'm Dan and new to the forums. I bought a well used 1999 4x6 Diesel last year. It worked pretty good, living in upstate NY I put a plow on it and used it to tool around the property. I have kept it inside my shop and it sat for about 3 months while I waited to get new tires...
  8. Gator General Discussion
    I have 2015 Gator 550 XUV with only 6.6 hours on it. It would not shift, so the dealer replaced the clutch under warranty; however, after picking it up on Saturday and starting it when I got home, the engine now runs poorly (it ran fine before taking it in). When idling, the engine lopes almost...
  9. Gator General Discussion
    Hello, Could anyone confirm whether part number JDG1641 is the correct part to pull a 2015 550 XUV clutch? While browsing the forums, it sounds like there are different part numbers for the 8xx series Gators depending on the serial number of the Gator. I am curious if this is also true of the...
  10. Gator General Discussion
    I have a 2015 Gator 550 with only 4.8 hours on it. While driving it today, it started becoming hard to shift between L,H,N, and R. Sounds exactly like many of the other complaints I've read from 2012 - 2014 owners in this forum with far more hours on their machines. I thought I had read that...
  11. Projects and How-To
    Does anyone know the torque spec for the main clutch on a 2008 Gator TX ? If so, is there a special procedure ie: High torque to press the clutch on then loosen and re-torque for service ?
  12. Gator General Discussion
    New member looking for any help! My father and I recently purchased a traditional 2003 4x2 gator. When we shift from neutral to forward or reverse there is a grinding sound. When we raised the bed, the drive belt continually spins in neutral. Is there an adjustment either in the clutch or...
  13. Projects and How-To
    I have a 1999 6x4 & the primary clutch is stuck in the full throttle position (expanded). Is there a way to get it back or how do I get it off to work on it? There are a few bolts on outside & a plastic cover over the center of the clutch thx for any help
1-13 of 13 Results