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  1. New to Gator - project worth pursuing?

    Projects and How-To
    I got an 06 diesel HPX 4x4 for free, the guy that gave it to me didn't know anything about it just that the farm wanted it gone. They were getting rid of everything not just this gator, leading me to believe it may not be a lost cause. This is my first side-by-side, never even been on one. I'm...
  2. HPX 4x4 Diesel wont start

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2004 HPX diesel with ~1500 hrs on it. It was having trouble starting (it lives in a heated Garage) and you would need to push the accelerator pedal and it would smoke a lot. Now the Gator will not start the starter has trouble turning the engine over so i replaced the starter still...
  3. Diesel 6x4 keeps dying

    Gator General Discussion
    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and reading your post you guys really seem to know what's going on I was gonna see if I can get some help. Thanks for helping ahead of time. I just last week bought a used 6 x 4 diesel. I'm really not even sure which model it is. But as long as I'm running it slowly...
  4. 4x6 diesel won't start

    Gator General Discussion
    I have a 199x 4x6 diesel that won't always start. To get it to start, I can loosen the fuel filter bowl (to let out air I assume), and then it will start. After a few starts, it goes back to not starting. I've also kept the fuel tank full, but the problem still comes and goes. Any ideas?
  5. 6x4 Diesel Gator Surging

    Gator General Discussion
    I have been working on this gator for a while now fixed glow plug issues and have fully painted the frame to get it ready to be sold. My last task is to tackle the rough idle that is has. So when I start it up the rough idle doesn't kick in for about 10 seconds then its starts surging. I have...
  6. 850D Gator idles rough then stalls-HELP please

    Gator General Discussion
    Hi all, found this site while googling for an answer to my problem. I have a 2008 850D (diesel of course) that was working fine until yesterday. It starts fine and then after 15-30 seconds starts idling really rough and eventually dies. When it's doing this (idling rough) the throttle is...
  7. Transaxle for 2007 HPX 4x4

    Gator General Discussion
    Hello all. First, some background. We have a 2007 HPX 4x4 diesel gator that we use for a maintenance buggy in a shipyard. 5900 hard hours on it. It does not have an easy life. It gets driven hard and put away wet, was run over by a barge and rolled, rough terrain in the yard, and lots of...
  8. HPX diesel cranks but no power

    New Member Introductions
    I have been having a problem that kept getting worse until now it only idles and when you step on the gas, it runs violently rough. I bled the nut above the injectors and it started running great for about an hour and then started running rough again. I think it is getting air but not sure. I...
  9. 2010 diesel gator runs for 25 min then dies

    Gator General Discussion
    I have 2010 diesel gator 4x4 starts run to temp then dies when at temp had injector pump rebuilt no change noticed fan not running is there a fuse ,or thermostat kill switch have good flow in radiator so don't think thermostat stuck thx.
  10. 6x4 Diesel Gator, HPX 4x4 Diesel Gator

    Gator General Discussion
    Hello All I would for Texas parks and wildlife and we have 2 gators with different problems maybe i could get some help on this we have one that wont start it is a 2011 hpx 4x4 gator with a diesel engine we have installed a new starter, relay module, all the fuses, and im stuck we don't know...
  11. 6x4 diesel gator 95'

    Gator General Discussion
    ALL NEW TO THE GATOR! so i just got the bed up yesterday, had to remove the hydraulic lift pin to the frame.:D i got 6 wires loose and i believe one missing plug (2 wires are the battery wires so im just trying to track down the other 4):confused: 2 wires (red/black) run from battery area...
  12. JD diesel gator fuel cutoff solenoid not pull in

    Gator General Discussion
    Hi All, My fuel cutoff solenoid will not pull in, but if I manually push it in with the key on it will stay in. I do have voltage on the red wire with key on, but no voltage on white wire when key in start position. Thought it was the relay on the right side frame, whic i changed, but that...
  13. yanmar glow plugs and year info

    Gator General Discussion
    Does anyone out there know of aftermarket cross reference glow plug numbers for a 3007d003. I recently bought a 6x4 diesel and I am sure the dealer will want an arm and a leg for new glow plugs. Also could anyone tell me the year from serial number w006x4d006559? I have been running Deere Ag...