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  1. 2012 xuv 550 s4

    Gator General Discussion
    Hey there, so i just bought a 550 s4 put a brand new battery in it and turn the key and nothing is there a trouble shoot on what i am missing nothing happens it’s weird no lights nothing on the dash where should i look i check the fuses already they are fine what’s the next thing i should check...
  2. 6x4 Wiring

    Gator General Discussion
    Hi Everybody! I have a 1995 Gator 6x4, gas, with the Kawasaki 2cyl water-cooled engine. I pulled the engine to replace a bad head gasket. Got everything back in, now the electrical system is dead. I did have two "bundles" of wires that I was not sure about, one had 4 black wires terminated by...
  3. Electrical issues starting

    Gator Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    My Gator TX at times will not start; the solenoid just clicks when key is turned. I have replaced the battery, starter and battery cable to starter. It will start fine many starts but then will click for a number of tries and then start eventually. Not sure what to check next; ignition or...
  4. 2003 Diesel Gator 6X4 Wiring Issue

    Gator General Discussion
    Hello. I have a 2003 Diesel Gator, model W006X4D034427. Not starting. Here's what I've "figured out", but I'm stuck! I've searched a number of forums and gotten some great leads (e.g., cut wires under the seats, etc.) but I'm still stuck. The YELLOW wire that feeds the RED wire on the Fuel...
  5. 6x4 diesel gator 95'

    Gator General Discussion
    ALL NEW TO THE GATOR! so i just got the bed up yesterday, had to remove the hydraulic lift pin to the frame.:D i got 6 wires loose and i believe one missing plug (2 wires are the battery wires so im just trying to track down the other 4):confused: 2 wires (red/black) run from battery area...