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  1. After dealer clutch replacement, engine runs terribly poor

    Gator General Discussion
    I have 2015 Gator 550 XUV with only 6.6 hours on it. It would not shift, so the dealer replaced the clutch under warranty; however, after picking it up on Saturday and starting it when I got home, the engine now runs poorly (it ran fine before taking it in). When idling, the engine lopes almost...
  2. Parking Break Fails and Engine Smokes

    New Member Introductions
    I have a 2013 550 JD gator. The parking break has broke twice, and the engine smokes (white). It also gets stuck in gear, and it won't take reverse. I am really disappointed with this gator. I also have a 2000 JD gator that is practically indestructible. However, our new gator has turned out to...
  3. 420cc Predator engine conversion? or rebuild?

    Projects and How-To
    hi all new to forums. got my hand on a 2003 gator 4x4 buddy says the engine is seized up. now im wondering what shaft is on the motor from john deere. would I be able to somehow fit an air cooled harbor freight special to the current drive system? I haven't got a chance to look at the motor at...
  4. Gator 825i - on 3rd engine!!!

    Gator General Discussion
    Bought brand new. Went out riding with 4 other buddies (1 another XUV owner, but not a JD). I did what they did, whatever mud holes they hit, etc. Their bikes didn't have any issues, but mine immediately started smoking and making a knocking noise. I get it back to the dealer and they...