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  1. 2011 XUV 625i

    New Member Introductions
    Purchased the unit as my first. It was a used unit from a local township. The exhaust is loud and leaking, other than that the unit is in great condition for the age. I have been trying to find a replacement, but have not had any luck with the exception of the OE, which is no fun. Anyone know of...
  2. RSX Big Gun Exhaust Install

    Gator Performance Modifications
    The first thing I did was remove the bed. I've been looking at it for weeks with the bed on and you can't see much. It's easy to remove. I also removed the passenger side panel. With them removed everything is easy to get to. Hopefully I have a box tomorrow by noon so I can continue.
  3. Big Gun Dual Exhust

    Gator Performance Modifications
    Pulled the trigger yesterday. More to follow.