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  1. Gator General Discussion
    Hey Folks! I have a late 90's 6x4 with the FD620D-FS11 engine. Only around 500 hours, but unfortunately the exhaust/muffler has rusted through. Browsing the web, it looks like I need JD P/N AM127230 as a replacement, but WOW, the price is absolutely nuts! I know JD prices are high, but $300+...
  2. Introductions, Please no questions in this area.
    Purchased the unit as my first. It was a used unit from a local township. The exhaust is loud and leaking, other than that the unit is in great condition for the age. I have been trying to find a replacement, but have not had any luck with the exception of the OE, which is no fun. Anyone know of...
  3. Gator Performance Modifications
    The first thing I did was remove the bed. I've been looking at it for weeks with the bed on and you can't see much. It's easy to remove. I also removed the passenger side panel. With them removed everything is easy to get to. Hopefully I have a box tomorrow by noon so I can continue.
  4. Gator Performance Modifications
    Pulled the trigger yesterday. More to follow.
1-4 of 4 Results