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  1. Gator General Discussion
    Hey All, It is with EXTREME sadness that I'm making this post. My 1999 6x4 with the FD620D has developed low oil pressure and a slight 'tap' at idle. A little background - I bought this machine about 6 years ago with only 300 hours on it. I have since dumped THOUSANDS into it, and only put...
  2. Gator General Discussion
    Hey Folks! I have a late 90's 6x4 with the FD620D-FS11 engine. Only around 500 hours, but unfortunately the exhaust/muffler has rusted through. Browsing the web, it looks like I need JD P/N AM127230 as a replacement, but WOW, the price is absolutely nuts! I know JD prices are high, but $300+...
  3. Gator General Discussion
    I’m not getting power to the pump, I’ve been slowly rewiring and rebuilding this xuv. Tested it with a meter and am getting .12 .(the meter is right it’s not even getting one volt) Is there a relay or a fuse for the fuel pump, and where is it located. also this was in the battery compartment...
  4. Gator Parts and Products For Sale
    So my FD620D engine grenaded on my 2009 Gator XUV 620i and is not repairable. I am in the market for at least a rebuildable engine. I'm close to Savannah GA and am willing to drive to get another engine.
1-4 of 4 Results