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  1. Gator 825/835
    just bought my gator on Saturday, and it ran great with no issues at all. And today I started to add lights and such to it. I added a fuse bar for my accessories and ran wires from up in the dash straight back to the battery, didn’t tie into anything existing. I was getting ready to test the one...
  2. Gator Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Hi Folks, I have a 2003 Gator4x6 diesel that won't start. I went through months of weak starts, even with a new battery, now zero. The parts are cheap so I replaced the relay to the solenoid signal cable and the ignition switch. The starter/solenoid work great out of the gator. There is no...
  3. Gator General Discussion
    I have 2010 diesel gator 4x4 starts run to temp then dies when at temp had injector pump rebuilt no change noticed fan not running is there a fuse ,or thermostat kill switch have good flow in radiator so don't think thermostat stuck thx.
1-3 of 3 Results