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idle rough

  1. RSX won't idle.

    Gator RSX850i
    Like an idiot I know. I sank my RSX. I've drained everything and changed all fluids. I runs fine once going just won't idle if it goes below 850 rpms it dies. I've changed o2 sensors injectors cause it smells like it's running rich. I've also dried and dielectric greased most of the wiring...
  2. Reverse runs super rough, almost no power

    Gator RSX850i
    So I'm in the mountains trail riding, upto 11,000' altitude, thought it might have something to do with it, but giving it gas has plenty of power. However, in reverse it hesitates, has no power to go up a small incline and will likely stall out. I've noticed the exhaust smells odd - wondering...