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  1. 2016 RSX 860 2 inch lift

    Gator Suspension Modifications
    I am wanting to lift my gator 2 inches but I don't like the lift kits I'm finding that mount on the shocks. Does anyone make the shock tower lifts for these units? I am also wanting to put some larger tires on. I currently have 26x8 on the front and 26x10 on the rear tires on 4 lug rims. I...
  2. Tire and Clearance Thread

    Gator Videos & Pictures
    I've been seeing a lot of people asking what tire size can I run without scrubbing/how much clearance will it give me so I decided to make a thread about it. Please include what size tire you're running, if you have aftermarket wheels include offset and brand, if it scrubs when does it do so...