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  1. Gator 850d/855d/865d
    Hi all, I recently picked up a 2011 855d. It runs good except for a dull grinding/groaning noise in the rear end when accelerating. No noise once it’s up to speed. I’ve tried to pinpoint the noise without success. This is my first machine like this. Is that noise normal?
  2. Projects and How-To
    Purchased a 625i with deluxe glass cab. It is like being inside a drum. JD has noise reduction kits (insulation and air filter relocation). They don't seem like they would make much difference. Do they work very well? Any other ideas to reduce cab noise?
  3. Gator RSX850i/RSX860i
    I have a sport with about 8 hours on it and I've noticed a rattling noise that sounds like it comes from the center directly under or behind the seats when I'm going in the 28-30MPH range. It doesn't do it every time, and it doesn't do it long. I'm thinking it might be related to the CVT but...
  4. Gator General Discussion
    Hey there, I've got a 620i that has a mystery to me noise that originates from the front right wheel area. It's almost like a popping noise that I can feel sometimes in the steering wheel. I've looked numerous times at the front right wheel area. Nothing seems loose or rubbing on the fender...
1-4 of 4 Results