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  1. M-Gator w/ Yanmar 3TNV70-XJUV overheating

    Gator General Discussion
    As mentioned in the thread title I have a M-Gator with a 3TNV70-XJUV Yanmar. I have been experiencing overheating issues while driving the machine. I cannot seem to get it to overheat while at an idle (No matter how long it sets at an idle). I have checked both radiators for any air flow...
  2. 6x4 Diesel Gator Overheating

    Gator General Discussion
    I have changed the water pump, flushed the radiator out, I know the pump is pumping water because the top and bottom hoses are warm, but it still is overheating. I've installed a new water pump and thermostat, and the fan has been straight wired to run all the time. Why would it still be...