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  1. Gator Parts and Products For Sale
    Ordered the doors but never put them on. Will get better pics and more info coming later today. $600 Call or message Chris 918.697.5389
  2. Gator RSX850i/RSX860i
    Hey guys, Just wanted to do a post for the RSX charging system problems we were having with the 850i. The parts list you will need: 57M7121 - 10A fuse 57M7125 - 5A Fuse 57M7237 - 40A Fuse (x2) 57M8828 - Fuse holder T126788 - Terminal (x8) Here is the video explaining where the problem is...
  3. Gator RSX850i/RSX860i
    Currently new to this site and seeking advice and information on lift kits for the RSX 850i's? Besides using my unit on the farm daily, I take it to off road parks like Trucks Gone Wild. I am trying to find info on lift kits- nothing stupid because I know the axels tend to break easier. I am...
  4. Gator Parts and Products For Sale
    These are the parts that I have left from a complete 850I John deere gator engine. Starter ($100 shipped) Starter gears ($20 shipped) flywheel with starter clutch ($200 shipped) cylinders (surface rust, need bore/hone) ($100 each shipped) heads with valve covers ($200 each shipped)...
  5. Gator RSX850i/RSX860i
    he guys i figured id share my experience with a '12 RSX that i demoed from my dealership. seeing as how the RSX has yet to truly take off in the UTV world i figured id see how it was and possibly buy one. the first chance i had to use it was to help clean up with the DU hunt we had.i had noticed...
  6. Gator Performance Modifications
    New wheels,and tires ,land Nav by Garmin 29.5 out laws 12" New black /chrome wheels12" Garmin land nav,GPS,location transmitter thru radio broadcast.
  7. Gator Wheel and Tire Discussion
    I am wanting to put some taller tires on my RSX, mainly for the added ground clearance. We sometimes ride the river and trails so an extra 2" would be very nice. I really like the Outlaw2's and Silverback's but not sure how they would be in rocky areas or trails. I'm sure I will play in the mud...
  8. Projects and How-To
    850I RSX doors enclosed /stereo - YouTube
1-8 of 8 Results