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  1. Gator General Discussion
    2019 John Deere Gator XUV590E S4. 830 hours.. I had the issue of the unit stalling after idling for about 30 minutes. Took it to shop due to purchased extended warranty. They replaced fuel pump, cleaned gas tank, changed fuel sock, and placed a new o2 sensor. The unit idled for 10 hours with no...
  2. Gator General Discussion
    My New 590M S4 has 3.5 miles since delivery. I have started it and driven 5 times. The idle was a bid rough to start then smoothed out as it warmed up, drives smoothly, though a little grabby in reverse. Yesterday the gator took several attempts to start. It would start, idle rough, then die...
  3. Gator General Discussion
    I have a 199x 4x6 diesel that won't always start. To get it to start, I can loosen the fuel filter bowl (to let out air I assume), and then it will start. After a few starts, it goes back to not starting. I've also kept the fuel tank full, but the problem still comes and goes. Any ideas?
  4. Gator General Discussion
    Hello All I would for Texas parks and wildlife and we have 2 gators with different problems maybe i could get some help on this we have one that wont start it is a 2011 hpx 4x4 gator with a diesel engine we have installed a new starter, relay module, all the fuses, and im stuck we don't know...
  5. Gator General Discussion
    2013 Gator 825I Starting troubles: Of recent, starts when cold or having sat overnight. Once it has warmed up, does not start. Acts just like it is in gear, nothing happens. It is neutral and the neutral circuit is fine. So when it does not start, nothing is happening in the starter circuit...
  6. Introduce yourself. NO QUESTIONS IN THIS AREA.
    I am trying to find out what the problem is with my gator. I have changed fuel pipes, glow plugs and glow plug module under passenger seat to try and rectify this and still I can't get any power on the glow plugs. If anyone can help please do come back to me. I wondered if there is a hidden fuse...
1-6 of 6 Results