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  1. Gator CS/CX
    I recently purchased a gator CS at an auction that is missing the center part of the rear axle, (transaxle i believe) They appear to be discontinued by john Deere. I'm wondering if anyone has a aftermarket replacement that will work or any other leads to find something that will work that...
  2. Gator 550/560/590
    Greetings. I hope this isn't a repetition of something asked a million times. If so, please accept apologies, but here goes: I just changed out the transaxle oil in my XUV560E, and the Operator's Manual has a woefully inadequate description of what the transaxle dipstick actually looks like...
  3. Gator General Discussion
    I have a 1997 Turf Gator and need the governor from the transaxle housing. Specifically, it is part #AM125010. Maybe someone has a salvage unit they are parting out?
  4. Gator Clutch and CVT Belt
    Howdy-- I've got a '03 Gator 6x4 (gas, liquid cooled) in the shop that is missing some of the clutch buttons on the transaxle driven clutch. I'm trying to figure out which clutch button set to order. The two sets are broken down by the part number of the clutch you're supposed to use them on...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, New on here. First time caller. Just bought a 2013 xuv550 s4 at an auction. Runs great, just stuck in reverse. I'm pretty sure the problem is the with the plunger that rotates at the top of the transaxle. It's a Tuff Torq transaxle. JD part number is MIA11654, but I can't seem to...
  6. Gator General Discussion
    Hello all. First, some background. We have a 2007 HPX 4x4 diesel gator that we use for a maintenance buggy in a shipyard. 5900 hard hours on it. It does not have an easy life. It gets driven hard and put away wet, was run over by a barge and rolled, rough terrain in the yard, and lots of...
1-6 of 6 Results