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  1. Gator 550/560/590
    The 2021 590M comes pre wired for a winch. Is there an after market winch that will work with the existing wiring and mounting plate, or am I stuck buying a Warn? Would prefer not to run a new harness if I don't have to. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Gator 825/835
    I recently installed a new Warn winch on my 2012 825i. Everything works great when the Gator is in neutral, but when I put the Gator in gear, the winch is inoperable. I assume this is a safety feature from John Deere to keep you from driving over your winch rope. If so, is there anyway to...
  3. Projects and How-To
    See many photos with winches installed, and interested in this too. First, on the John Deere configuration site it shows the WARN Pro-vantage winches, which I'm sure is a good winch, but compared to other comparative sized winches, they are very pricey. I'm not really planning on using the...
  4. Gator Performance Modifications
    Just some observations installing the kfi se45 on my xuv 550 ordered thru eBay, winch arrived with second gator specific package including mount mount was simple, just follow directions Removed Under hood storage Seat Left and right side panels Front of seat plastic piece Finally, the...
  5. Gator General Discussion
    Hi - can't find out for sure if I need the KFI winch mount. I know I need to have a front hitch installed (have that) but is that all that's needed to mount a winch? That front hitch has a "shelf" of sorts just above the receiver opening that seems like it would accept an aftermarket winch...
1-5 of 5 Results