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wiring issue

  1. 2012 Xuv 550 s4

    Gator Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    does anybody have a Wiring Schematics for these i called JD but they told me they don’t kinda odd that a dealer does not have a wiring schematics on their own machine, anyway, I bought this from a 16 year old who put all the wires in the wrong places with some photos on here i found the fuse box...
  2. '05 Gator 4x2 TS vanguard 18hp swap

    Projects and How-To
    I just bought a barn find 2005 Gator 4x2 TS. The original motor blew, and they replaced it with a Vanguard 18hp motor. The guy I bought it from absolutely destroyed the wiring. He also mounted the engine crooked, so it was shredding belts. But I'm not totally sure he has the right clutch to...
  3. 6X4 wiring issue

    Gator Lighting, Stereo and Electrical
    Hi all, I just joined this forum. While driving my gator over some branches I dislodged some wires. All electrical died immediately. I was able to reconnect two connections and power returned to the switch. But it now operates the starter when in the run position. I obviously can't get it to...