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  1. Gator Clutch and CVT Belt
    So working on my father-in-law's gator 590i, because he was having problems shifting. I read about the clutches on these sticking, so figured it wouldn't be too bad of a job. I am very familiar with CVT's, and was a certified Polaris mechanic for 10+ years. I did take the front plate, spring...
  2. Gator General Discussion
    Thanks for allowing me to join. I am a disabled combat veteran. I bought a 590i and it has 88 hours on it. Very hard to shift, dealer installed a new clutch in December 2019, worked great for about 5 hours total run time, very hard to shift. Took it back last week, service department said that...
  3. Gator General Discussion
    I am looking to buy 2016 XUV 590I but can't seem to find any real reviews on the machine. Can anyone provide some feedback on the machine and/or post any links for reviews. I see that they say it can do 45+. Is that true? Have they fixed all the issues that the 550's had? Any feedback would be...
  4. Introductions, Please no questions in this area.
    Hello everyone. I just joined this forum. I currently have a 2013 XUV550 with 140 hours on it. To be honest I'm very disappointment in the machine. Had way to many problems to date with it. I'm looking to trade it in for 2016 XUV 590I but can't seem to find any real reviews on the machine...
1-4 of 4 Results