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Hi All,

I have a 1998 6X4 Diesel Gator.

Ran awesome all summer after the work below was done. Used it in the winter to plow and it was working well.

It doesn't seem to "enjoy" warming up lately. Even at 10 degrees Celsius (50F) it doesn't seem to want to find a steady idle for about 3-4 minutes.

Once it finds it's idle, it idles steady, and has no issues driving.

If I plug it in with the block heater for an hr before starting it the issue is much more minor and quicker to steady out. I noticed this started happening after a darn cold day this winter when we had it out.

The following has been done on it:

Glow Plugs
Fuel Filter
Air Filter
Oil Filter
Transaxle Oil
Flushed Coolant and Refilled
New Rad Hoses (top and bottom)
Heavy Duty Suspension Kit
Tightened Chains
Cleaned Battery Posts
New Battery
Fixed relay wire for Fuel Solenoid

I added a small dose of Kleen Flo Diesel Conditioner on my last fill up but it didn't seem to resolve, not yet anyways.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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I hate to say it but I'm thinking injector pump. I would do my best though to find the problem elsewhere as injector pumps aren't cheap to replace or overhaul.
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