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Hi all:

One of the nice features about the diesel gator my father-in-law gave me is that it has a cab on it, with a heater, which I have not determined if it works yet or not. I did finally get the blower fan working on it, but there is a little valve in the heater hose above the engine. That thing turns really hard. I am wondering if it is a ball valve, that only turns 90°, or if it is a threaded valve and has to be rotated several turns. Does anyone know? If it is a ball valve I don't want to force it and break it.

The worst part about having the cab is that it has absolutely no provision for ventilation. Not sure what the guys were thinking who designed it. Curious if anyone has found some way to address this issue? What little I have driven the thing, it gets really hot in that cab, I'm hoping someone has figured out some way to get some airflow in that cab.

Best regards

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