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I recently purchased a project gator with a blown transmission and a running motor. I installed a new transmission and took it for a test drive around the property ran fine.
I pressure washed the machine once it cooled off.
When I tried to start it about a hour later to pull it In the barn it would only crank no fire.
I noticed the MAP sensor was cracked so i unpluged it and the gator ran just long enough for me to pull it into the barn.
Know with a new MAP sensor I'm still experiencing the crank no start issue
Below is what iv tested and replaced.
  • MAP sensor
  • spark plugs
  • fuel filter replaced
  • air filter replaced
  • timing belt /tensioner and timing inspected.
  • pulled tank vent hose
-checked all fuses
- tank drained and filled with fresh fuel
-pickup strainer in fuel pump cleaned.
  • I have spark on all 3 cyclinders
  • Fuel pump (testing inline after the filter) is priming key on but not cranking to about 60 psi then slowing leaking down to around 42psi And after about 15 minutes it's around 35 psi. When I crank the motor over im getting close to 65-70 psi on pressure tester. I'm thinking injectors or regular is leaking down?
  • plugs seem to have fuel on them when I pulled them but it's hard to tell.
  • I have a book/wrench light on dash not flashing comes on and stays on will some times flash off for a about 3 seconds when it's running on the starting fluid
  • cleaned throttle body and all the sensors in it.
  • motor runs on starting fluid and will keep running as long as you keep spraying it into the intake.
  • iv unplugged pretty much every sensor on the motor and tired to start it.
Hoping I could make the machine fire like it did when I unplugged the MAP

- My local dealer is telling me 3 to 4 weeks to have the codes read. Any help on how to test sensors or check injectors. Or anything I didn't allready cover would be greatly appreciated. Trying to avoid throwing anymore parts into this unit.


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Testing sensors can be found in the technical manual which is available for purchase.

There’s also sections pertaining to theory of operation that helps one understand how it is designed to work.

Might be worth putting new plugs in and reading condition after several attempts.

Have you checked to make certain compression is ok?

Are injectors firing? Clogged?
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