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Yes, there's "silencers" available. I'm not familiar with them but I've read where they reduce performance. For me, clutching/gear ratios would be the answer. I'm aware of the max HP & torque rpm range, but just how often is that required. Besides, low range gearing / ratios could more than compensate and accomplish what's needed. That's why I mentioned clutching. High range with proper clutching would greatly improve the versatility of the Gator 825I XUV. The model name "XUV" along with John Deere's marketing certainly claims it's a crossover that offers Utility AND Recreational abilities. It does not......
I'm currently looking at a Ranger 1000. Unlike John Deere, there's lots of factory as well as aftermarket options available for the Polaris as well as most other brands. Yes, the Gator will out work a Ranger and many others. And I've never been a Polaris fan. With that said, the Ranger and others will work and play very well as claimed by John Deere. . Not one or the other, but both. The Gator is a well built machine but it is a one song singer. It's really not a crossover as promised. It's application of use is closer to a Kubota only louder and faster.
(The Kubuto has PTO & hydraulic options).
The 44 mph is adaquit, but will all the screaming that Cheri engine does at 15 mph and above it's a shortcoming. Everything else the Gator offers is actually above industry standards, steering, handling, suspension, load capacities, etc. It just could be so much better, so easily and live up to what it's billed as.
Just my opinion. Everybody's got one. Hope mine's not censored here on form of social media. For the John Deere faithful, I've been labeled a heretic. (You sound hear my Harley friends and I own two of em ....LOL
I bought a Silent Rider secondary muffler for my XUV 625i. It quieted it down a lot. It's basically a glasspack with some hangers, but it definitely takes the edge off the exhaust noise level. I don't drive it particularly hard, so I can't say I notice any performance loss.
My neighbor has a 825i and drives it everywhere in low range, so it sounds like a screamin' Jimmy. Wish he'd buy one for his machine!!
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