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Welcome Hotrod

Feel free to post often, photos are always appreciated !

As a FYI, when sourcing parts Deere does not reference the DOM or Date of Manufacture, they use the PIN or Product Identification Number.

Depending on the model, the PIN can be found on a placard in front of right rear tire on the frame OR stamped on the frame under the passenger seat and sometimes on a label near the rear hitch.

There are several online Deere part warehouses such as Green Farm Parts use code GTT for discount and Green Part Store use code TTWT for free shipping. These online companies can often provide better pricing than local dealerships.

Operator and Technical Manuals can be found at the link below:


Parts Catalog and Part Diagrams can be found at the link below:

Parts Catalog and Part Diagrams

Additionally please use the robust “Search Community” function on the forum, there is a great deal of information available through this function.

As a reminder, this forum is only as good as it’s members; if you should seek advise from others and you find a solution to your issue, please remember to post a response with a resolution. This will help others with similar issues in the future.

Thank you, Enjoy your Gator !
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