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I guess it’s time I ask on a Gator forum rather than keep guessing! My uncle has an older Gator 4x2 (not sure of the model number or year, we couldn't find it while looking) and he needs to replace the secondary clutch. He got it when he moved into a new house last year, and it needed a little work. One of the issues seems to be that the bolt holding the secondary/driven clutch to the transmission backed out and totally destroyed the clutch, warping it on the shaft. It seems to be just the clutch that is damaged, but I can’t know for sure until we can remove it.
He has a new clutch for it along with the belt, however we couldn’t figure out how to get the old one off. We tried various methods of prying, air hammer, nearly a whole can of PB blaster, etc. It’s extremely seized!

I’ve seen various pullers using a bolt and some sort of dowel, whether it’s a cut off bolt shank or whatever other material, but if I’m not mistaken, that is for the primary clutch. It doesn’t look like there is any threading within the clutch to be able to use that method. I’m not sure what else to do other than heat it up really well or try to find a very large 3 jaw puller. I’d have to figure out how to make room for the latter.

Now forgive me, it’s been almost a year since I’ve worked on it, so I don’t remember the exact state we left it, but I know we ended up hacking up the pulley pretty good. Other projects have taken priority, but I really want to help him get his Gator back up and running now that the weather is getting nicer... so here I am!

Here are a couple pics. It does look like the bolt had just backed out, no evidence of it snapping. It looks hacked up on the front, but I was prying against the transmission case, not on the face of the pulley.

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