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I like that idea... I might have to give that a go. I have a decent right angle drill that would work well for that.

Howdy folks.
Whatever model yours is it's the same as mine. I call mine a John Deere Utility Vehical. I think mine was manufactured before they came up with ( Gator ).
I'm still working on getting the left handed thread bolt out of my secondary unit.

I can tell you this. I'm 57 and own a 1970&1/2 TransAm. And have been racing all my life so when I ran across a dual shaft, horizontal 23.5 hp Kohler stroked to,,, I believe it's 47 hp. I bought it and threw it right on my Utility vehicle. I think factory top end was 11. I hit almost 60 mph before the ??? Transfercase is that what it's called? Locked up. They are around $4,300.00 around here. I would watch getting the secondary shaft very hot unless you plan on putting a seal kit in yours. One would think if you only used a propane torch, then quenched it fast or used can air upside down to cool it down kick, it would knock off with a 8 pound sledge hitting a pipe from other side but be sure you don't bend that shift.

I have every different puller ever made. I'll take a look and see if I can't suggest one.

In the meantime, best of luck.

Dan G.
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