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I am new to the forum. I would greatly appreciate some help on starting my rebuilt 2011 625i gator Kawasaki FD260D engine with 1900 hours.

Had trouble starting it last fall and it was losing power and blowing out blue smoke, every once in a while, then it would recover. My wife just uses it around the farm in short durations…. meaning it never really heats up, that could be the reason for oil in exhaust.

Then I could not start it, cranked only. So, I pulled it into my workshop this winter and rebuilt the engine over the winter. Found nothing dramatically wrong. I honed cylinder wall, installed new rings, valves honed and gapped at .010”. Resistance tested ignitors, injectors and flywheel pick up, new gas & air filters. All good.

Now it “cranks, hesitates, cranks, hesitates”…. Seems like it cannot decompress and start. FYI… at times it seems like it wants to start, but does not.

Here’s the stats:
  • Compression is 135 psi.
  • Took out fuel injector bar and verified spray during cranking. Installed an inline gauge. Fuel pressure is 25lbs.
  • Insert spark plug tester and I have good spark. Plugs gaped at .029”
  • Put in clean dry plugs. Then cranked the engine and pulled plugs and they were soaked.
  • Crank and cam marks matched on install and verified.
  • Battery is good. Starter is good.
  • Here’s what I did to adjust valves and timing. When looking at the flywheel the #1 cylinder is on right nearest flywheel. On flywheel there are a #1 and #2 marks. You turn the engine CW to the compression cycle for #1 (finger over spark plug hole and then inserted wooden dowel) and place the #1 mark at 12 o’clock position, piston is at TDC then adjust both valves to .010” gap. Same for #2. Flywheel is slotted in properly.
  • Disconnected the fuel pump circuit then cranked and shot some starting fluid in the intake. Nothing… the same, it cranked then hesitated, cranked….
  • Also, what I did notice is when I had the plugs out, I cranked it smooth and did not hesitate… with no compression.
I am totally baffled. Looks like a timing issue but I double checked everything that I could think of.

Would the issue have anything to do with throttle positioner affecting the ECM firing the ignitors and fuel injectors? I do not have a scope… wish I did.

I assume it’s something simple that I am overlooking or do not understand this engine and it’s timing and firing circuitry. Please help. Thank you.
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