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I recently had a pack rat that got into my 2005 Gator TH 6x4 and did some damage to the electrical wiring. It litterally packed the entire engine compartment and battery box with sticks, mulch, leaves. I wish I had taken a picture of it, it litterally looked like a beavers dam. I have pulled all the sticks out, power washed the rest of it to blast away debris. Up until this point the gator was used on a weekly basis with no problems.

The engine will not crank, although I hear a relay located at the rear of the engine compartment click when the key is turned to the on position. Initially the only two items that did not work were the no crank condition and the electric bed lift would not go down. I have checked the 4 fuses under the dash and none are blown.

I do not see any damage to the electrical wiring in the engine compartment, but in the main harness running through the floor forward to the instrument panel I have found one green wire that was chewed in half, this wire turned out to be the wire that controlled the down signal for the electric bed lift, so that is working now, but still will not crank. I can see one black wire that has the insulation stripped off but the wire is intact (see picture)

So far I have not found damage to any other wiring, I suspect there may be a wire damaged in the floor passageway running forward to the instrument panel, but it appears there is no way to gain access to this passageway to inspect.

Is there a cranking circuit schematic available?
Other than the fuse located under the dash are there any others I may be overlooking?
Any additional troubleshooting steps I can do to help track down the issue?


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