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Just wanted to put this out there for the guys that want to lift or even just level their machines on a budget.

I could not justify a $200 kit personally to level my 825i. I just wanted the machine to have a bit more clearance on the front and for it to sit closer to level rather than the raked look.

So here is the morel of the story.

I used a piece of 2" sch80 steel pipe as a spacer. I pulled the piece of pipe out of the scrap pile, so I have well... zero dollars into it. You can purchase a nipple for under $10 if you want to do this yourself.


Compressed the spring, pulled the retainer, loosen the spring, drop the cut spacer on the shock, re-assemble.

I cut the pieces of pipe at 1.5" as that was the height that I was shooting for.

Before: After:

Took me about 2 hours start to finish and it leveling it nicely in my opinion.

After install:


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Looks great!
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