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he 825i service is based upon hours or time whichever comes first.

Is everyone following this routine? I would replace the air filter based upon inspection and usually based upon driving conditions.

Annually, the net is:
1. fuel filter
2. air filter
3. spark plugs
4. Oil/filter - if this were a car, I would do it every 6 months unless using synthetic. For air cooled OPE, I do it annually - never get more than 20 hrs on them.
5. grease
6. Clean drive clutch - I looked at the tech ref manual and nothing unique on how to clean it. It is just a belt

Every 50 Hours or Annually

• Check brake fluid level.
• Lubricate drive line (two locations).
• Check 4WD front differential oil level.
• Check transaxle oil level.
• Inspect driveline CV boots for tears or punctures.
• Inspect park brake for proper function. (See your John Deere dealer for any adjustments needed.)
• Grease cargo box tailgate strikers.
Every 100 Hours or Annually (whichever comes first)

• Change engine oil and filter.
Every 200 Hours or Annually (whichever comes first)

• Change fuel filter.
• Change spark plugs.
• Change air cleaner element.
• Check air cleaner dust unloading valve.
• Clean radiator.
• Check drive belt condition.
• Check driven clutch wear buttons (625i).
• Clean primary drive clutch.
• Inspect battery. Clean if necessary.
• Inspect alternator belt (825i, optional on 625i).
• Grease front and rear suspension bushings.
• Check toe-in.
• Check brake pad wear.
• Check park brake oil level.
• Check and tighten wheel bolts to correct torque.
• Check/clean spark arrestor if equipped.
• Check and tighten all hardware.
• Inspect cargo box lanyards.

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That's what I've followed so far....when the speak of the drive clutch I believe they are talking about cleaning the primary clutch not the belt area

I blow mine out with compressed air and call it good.....the big thing is cleaning out anything that may have gotten into the housing and also making sure the seal is put on properly between the 2 housing halves.

On the air filter I replace it, after you've run it awhile and you pull it out of the housing and put it back in they don't always seal up well since the rubber tends to harden.....for the few $$ I just toss it and put a new one in. If you offroad with your Gator much it's likely going to need it anyway...a tiny splash here or there can get it damp and muddy.

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When you do your fuel filter make sure you get a couple new plastic locking clips...the old ones are most likely going to break when you remove them and you'll need new ones available....not something you'll see in a typical auto parts place.
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