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So I ordered and recieved the promark 4000# winch with mounting plate.
All instructions are really clear and seem easy to follow. I have a question though.
The rocker switch and remote control require that you splice 1 red wire into one on the gator. It says to splice into a hot-wire when the key is on. If I'm right this means a wire that is only hot when the key is on only. Does anyone have an idea of a good wire to connect to that is a good obe for this? I'm nervous about tying into one that feeds the motor or something sensitive. I know that's pretty silly but I'm a little anal retentive on things like this.

Anyone have any ideas? All ideas are appreciated.I read on another forum about one below the cup holder area that hotbwith key only but don't know.I have a electrical trailer puck type tester just need an idea of where to start.

I'm dying hear because the gator is at the dealer getting the first service so I can't even go out and look at it.
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