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835 rear fender flares

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Has anyone tried these new fender flares off of the signature model?
looks like they cover better than the old ones.
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Hi Lake inspired by your post I installed a BUC11375 fender kit on my 2021 835R. It is nice fitting kit and a fairly easy install.The fenders project 2in from bed sides and bend down to meet existing body moldings in front. I have driven in some muddy conditions,and they do a good job of keeping mud off the back of the cab.
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Well, I took Farmgator’s lead and purchased these.
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Very good coverage , with good instructions and easy installation.
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Lake I’m glade you got the kit installed and happy with it. On such an expensive machine why do you suppose Deere didn’t include it.
Not going to try and speculate on a reason, I’m just happy that they listened and did something about it.
By the way, they are standard on the signature model.
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