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I have a canam defender hd10 limited with super atv intimidators 30-10-14 that we use to track water out of our fields on the farm. We also have a gator 835R that we use on the farm. I’ve been wanting to try the same setup on the gator for a few years but just didn’t know how it would handle the bigger tread tires as it seems a little sluggish compared to the canam. So with all the rain we’ve had this spring I finally did it and I have to say it’s working awesome. I went with four front 14x7 Deere wheels so I could rotate the tires and 28-10-14 super atv intimidators all the way around. I also added the 2 inch lift from super atv. Yes they rub a little if I turn the steering wheel all the way but so does the defender and for me it’s not a big deal. The gator has no problem with the tires in low range and I prefer the Deere cab hands down to defender limited cab. And the hvac system is light years ahead of the canam.
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