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We just purchased the BM23079 Lift kit for our 850D XUV. Followed all the instructions to install it, hit the switch nothing happened. We took all the steps below still no luck.

1) Verified power coming out of the relays to the pigtail that connects to the actuator. In both directions we received 12 volts coming out of the relays into the pig tail.

2) Hooked 12 volts to the actuator directly from a battery - actuator extended. If you reverse polarity it retracts.

3) Connect the pigtail from the relay to the actuator - nothing happens. You can hear and feel the relays opening and closing.

4) I connected jumpers from the pigtail to the actuator connector and checked voltage when the switch was operated - no voltage registering?

After working with the supplier they decided there must be something wrong with the actuator and they sent me a replacement unit.

After installing the new unit - same problem after following all the steps above.

At this point I am at a loss - the actuator works when connected to the a battery. The relays are send sending 12 volts in both directions to the connector. Connect the two and nothing happens.

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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