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I hate to say it, but my turbo 855D is going to a new home. That and a JD 1025R with implements and other gear are being traded in on an Orange tractor with a cab (Grand L5460). I haven't decided if I want to turbo my 865R as the times I would need it is a small percentage of hours. After processing, the 855D is going to an 81 year old friend who needs a heated cab to blow snow with and otherwise get around his 60 acres. I recommend the fuel be adjusted so the turbo just begins to smoke and then back off. The boost you get means hills you did at 21mph you'll do at 29. 1/2 ton load in the bed nets a 17/26 improvement. No sense in over boosting the Yanmar. Their turbo marine version is a legend, hence the Gator engine has plenty of headroom for the turbo.
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