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Hello all,
I was "gifted" a John Deere Gator last year from a guy who I contract to plow snow at my POE. He offered it because he knew I bought a house with a small plot of land and thought it could be helpful. He told me it was a little rough but if I was handy, it would do the job. So I picked it up, it drove right up on the trailer so I figured it wasn't in that bad of shape. I brought it home and my wife said "What are you going to do with that junk?" A year later, the gator and my wife were inseparable..
It started running a little rough and she explained it had started to vibrate a lot (ended up being a couple months ago) so I told her to get it from the shop and bring it to the garage. She got it, ran it up the driveway engine screaming, hardly even walking speed, blowing flames from the exhaust ports. She parked it in the garage and suddenly a pool of oil formed on the floor. "That's not a good sign".
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After further investigation is looks like the lower part of the block split. I'm guessing it was due to the vibration she mentioned. I could see the exhaust was cracked and had freed itself from both exhaust ports. The clutch cover was bent up and after looking more closely, it was missing a weight, and the second weight had worked itself out of the spider!
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There is also a crack on the clutch sheave.
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So not only are we looking for an engine but also a clutch.
I happened to speak to another one of my contractors who said Kawasaki?? I think I have one of those. A few minutes later it was sitting in the back of my truck. It was on a cart and used to run a small generator to charge big truck batteries, but didn't do a very good job so it was retired and took up residence in the corner of his shop. He said he thought it was out of an Argo 6x6 and he thought it was fuel injected, but I later found out it wasn't true, it has a choke cable.
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Not really paying attention, I ordered the $600+ clutch thinking it was the same engine. It is for the most part, but the output shaft is 1-1/8, not a 30mm taper.
The exhaust is different but we'll see if it fits under the hood. Also the carb is alot larger than the tiny little one supplied on the original FD620. Does anyone know anything about it? It has a sensor on the side so I don't know if I should swap it out or not.
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The radiator is mounted on the side, and has a mechanical fan that will all be removed.
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I know there are clutches that will fit a 1 1/8 shaft from Venom and comet, but can I just swap out the crank shafts? Does anyone know if they're interchangeable? Might be the quickest resolution. Although, I wouldn't mind returning the JD clutch and getting some mulah back. My only concern would be clamping power of another clutch of lesser value. The Gator isn't light, my wife has a heavy foot and ill regard for GVWR 馃槅

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So I found a clutch called the Comet Duster, Belt Palace recommended it and it wasn't $600. He (Jim) did recommend another version of the duster that was more similar to the JD clutch but that was $600. Both were out of stock. So he recommended BMI Karts. I called them and they had the "Comet 94C Duster Drive Clutch 1 1/8" Bore (209739)" The only thing bad is the shaft only slides in the clutch about 1-1/2 which means the belt won't line up properly. I'll have to offset the engine about 1-1/2" - 2". I'm going to make a mounting plate to bolt the engine on. If you go outside the area of where the engine was intended to be mounted, it's less rigid. I do also worry about the added stress on the engine shaft and bearing/seal on the output side. I'll just have to make sure the alignment is perfect.
Honestly, I've really lucked out. We grenaded the engine and the clutch and I replaced both for a little over 200 bucks.

So far I have swapped over the flywheel cover from the old engine to the new engine and removed the flywheel studs that held on the pulley that ran the driven fan. I'm going to mount the engine then decide if I'll need to swap the carb (I'm guessing I will) and the cable linkage bracket.
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