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I've been following for a while now, but I've held of on writing an intro until I actually had my new Gator. It arrived this evening! :D

The machine: Low hour demo 825i with the guard packages, power dump bed, bench seat, roof and full windshield. It's got the standard Ancla all terrain tires on steel wheels. I actually have more time on a "brother" machine in the snow and mud at the dealership before they had the pricing info together. The dealership is 70 miles away, but my salesman lives close to me, so he brought the machine on his way home. Snowstorm and dirt roads left a thick layer of mud and slush on the machine, so we took a (cold) hose to get the worst of it off. Signed the paperwork, took some quick pics, and had about 10 minutes of playing before I had to go take care of animals. First order of business was to meet "older brother", JD 3520. Then it was time for a solo shot as the sun sank beneath the hills behind me. Finally a little romp through the snow - found one deep patch that either needed 4WD or backing down the hill. I chose the former. :cool:

The owner: I am or have been into dirt bikes and ATVs (mostly 3-wheelers - which reveals both my age and craziness), mountain bikes, Jeeps, street bikes, old cars and trucks, and planes. I'm a gear-head, so mechanicals are of particular interest. The 825i will be a "working toy" as it will help around the farm, but I'm looking forward to the fun factor. It'll live on 35 acres with a stream between Denver and Colorado Springs. I've got plans to use the 825i to help with haying, cattle, horses and even bees.

I used to be very active in off-roading news groups (showing my age again! :rolleyes:) and this forum seems to have similar comradery. I'm looking forward to contributing as well as learning!


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