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Started tear down on hpx gator 05. Pulled heads after I drained water from system. Inside I find this!!! Absolutely nothing . 2 oil fouled plugs but other than after a lil head scratching (mine) I decided to drain oil just to see what it looks like and that’s when I find this ....idk how or why I’m just mech. Boss just bought it at auction told me tear it down till u find problem . Don’t ever listen to boss!!! Lol. I didn’t do what I know to do.!! Ok here is where you all can have a voice in my situation . Do I stop tear down ,drain oil to spec. And put it back together or go on e tear down . ppl opinions is what I need . I think I have found problem to the colored smoke she was blowing. Help . Sorry so long !! I buried this last night in another post I started sorry for that too. Pic of dipsticks shows normal level and level I found when I got ready to drain it. 3xs to much at least.
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