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Exhaust in cab

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2nd post on this. I purchased a XUV560E in 2020. In 2021 I had the dealer install a flip out windshield. From the first drive I had exhaust coming in the cab. I have tried various methods to re run the exhaust with no improvement. I have heard to install a back glass in, but that's not an option. I don't believe I'm the first person with this issue. Why wasn't I warned about this from the start. I hate to think I have a $12,000 gator with a $700 windshield that can't be used together.
To this date John Deere has not acknowledged there is a problem. Any feed back at all on this?
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It's a common problem with many vehicles of this style. Try driving down a dusty road or through a dry field and you'll get a lot of debris & dust hitting you in the back of the head. It's similar to the airflow over a pickup truck. A vacuum develops behind the cab so the air flows backwards behind the cab picking up whatever dust, dirt and exhaust is back there.
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I was dealing with this as well with my 590M. During the dry season, the back of the gator and the cab area was covered in a layer of dust. This is not a "Gator" problem but a UTV in general problem. Some are better (or worse) than others but they all do it. I did finally add a Rear Dust Panel (that's what Deere calls it) and can say that it does make a big difference as it severally cuts down on the vacuum effect. They even talk about it's intended purpose so I would say they are sort of addressing it. I don't have any doors on my Gator, so you still get some dust, but not nearly as much as it used to suck up. About the only way to really solve this is to have an enclosed cab but I needed a utility vehicle that I can easily hop in in out of so I can deal with it.
It does sound like a safety issue and if you expect this to get elevated, owners will need to notify various consumer safety agencies. Not certain if this would follow under NHSTA or other. Don’t expect JD to do something voluntarily or admit it can be an issue. Doing so could complicate their liability.
To be clear, I am only dealing with dust issues making its way into the cab. I do not have issues with the exhaust. I have never smelled strong fumes nor have I ever been told I smell like exhaust either after using my Gator for a while. If you are smelling fumes that strongly, I would suggest taking it back to the dealer as something does not sound (or smell) right.
I know what the root issue is and the cause. I've had pickups most of my life. I was just wondering if any one else had this problem and if they did, how did they fix it? Supposedly it is recommended to put the back glass in, which wasn't mentioned when I shelled out $700 plus for the windshield. To John Deere, this can't happen. I guess I will follow up above dealer level and keep playing with rerouting the exhaust myself. I had a 90 made coming out of the muffler. That didn't help. Next step is to try to route it out behind the rear tire.
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