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Just purchased the LP19886 gator tool box for my 2021 835R and thought I would give my initial impressions. It looks extremely well built and heavy duty with good fit and finish. Installation was simple, even with a one man operation (although 2 men would have been handy while placing it on the rails). The instructions have you slide the toolbox as far as it will go toward the cab. This gives the maximum space in the bed for hauling material but, it creates another issue. The gull wing lids on each side will slightly impact the rubber cap on the rear window install bolts (see picture). If it goes past the rubber cap, it then contacts the top of the cab. The cylinders on the lids will attempt to fully open the lids creating this contact unless it is otherwise prevented. It is easy to push the open button and hold the lid with one hand to prevent this, however anyone besides myself would probably not know to do this creating an issue for me. Not sure how I will correct this, either and chain inside to restrict the opening or something on the outside of the lid to soften the contact. I'll follow up later after I've figured this out.
It is a good looking toolbox and is of the quality I expect from John Deere and so far, initial issues not withstanding, I am pleased with the purchase. Purchase price from my dealer was $380.41 out the door. I would like to have a rubber mat on the bottom of the box to minimize sliding tools, which should be easy to add. I like the rails on top that provide an excellent place for my chainsaw to be tied down (see picture). I wish it was little deeper as I don't really see the unused space under the box as much use for anything else and some of my tool sets won't fit due to height restrictions. Once I have had time to use it some, I will comment further. Thanks for reading and feel free to provide any suggestions for the issues I have described or any other recommendations.
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