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Newbie here!
i just started working at this new job, and my first assignment was this gator. So, it was brought in with this problem, it was shooting the dipstick out of the tube and oil was spraying everywhere. Oil level is good. we checked the flapper valve under the head and it was good. went through the motor and rings, gaps and bore all MICd in spec.

Well i put new rings in anyway (since it was already apart) and got it back running. runs good, and the dipstick doesnt blow out, but when you remove it, oil still sprays out alot. im not sure what this could be? i thought it was excessive blow by but i dont think that is the case here.

well i noticed when i took the motor apart, the wires to the voltage regulator were all disconnected and burnt up. and the reg. itself was missing all 3 prongs and burnt up as well. i just got a new regulator in but there is no schematic on which wires go where. I looked all over and cant find one on the net. can someone please help me with this! thanx!
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